“Moonlight and Skies”


"Oh, come hear my story of heartaches and sighs, I'm a prisoner who's lonely for my moonlight and skies." The singer leaves his girl (daughter?) and sets out on a robbery. His partner is killed and he is taken. He wishes he were free and with the girl


This was item #170 in the first edition of Randolph, but was deleted in the second edition. It is item dE36 in Laws's Appendix II. - RBW

Triggs found a logger's version of this song while working in a lumber camp at Salmo, BC; evidently it had already entered oral tradition. - PJS

Same tune

  • Jimmie Davis, "Moonlight and Skies - No. 2" (Decca 5104, 1935)


  • Gene Autry, "Moonlight and Skies" (Conqueror 8002, 1932)
  • Hank & Slim "Moonlight and Skies" (Vocalion 02852, 1934)
  • Jimmie Rodgers, "Moonlight and Skies" (Victor 23574, 1931/Regal Zonophone [Australia] MR 2200, 1931; rec. 1930)
  • Stanley G. Triggs, "Moonlight and Skies" (on Triggs1)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1930 (recording, Jimmie Rodgers)
Found in: US Canada(West)