“Mighty Day (Wasn't That a Mighty Storm)”


The story of the Galveston tidal wave. Despite evacuation efforts, many die on land and at sea. Chorus something like, "Wasn't that a mighty day/storm, when the storm winds struck/swept the town."


This song shares many of its lyrics, and even some musical elements, with "Wasn't That a Mighty Time (Galveston Flood)." It is quite likely that the two have common roots. The "feel" of the resulting songs is so different, however, that I list them as separate pieces.

The "popular" version, as recorded by the Chad Mitchell trio, reportedly was touched up somewhat by Bob Gibson. - RBW

In the LC version... the chorus is: "Wasn't that a mighty storm/Wasn't that a mighty storm, great water/Wasn't that a mighty storm/That blew the people away." - PJS

Historical references

  • Sep 8, 1900 - Galveston hurricane and flood. Some 6000 die

Cross references

  • cf. "Wasn't That a Mighty Time (Galveston Flood)" (subject, floating lyrics)


  • "Sin-Killer" Griffin & congregation, "Wasn't That a Mighty Storm" (AFS 185 B2, 1934; on LC10)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1934
Keywords: storm disaster death
Found in: US(So)