“Mary Wore Three Links of Chain”


Floating religious verses with the chorus, "All my sins been taken away, taken away." Sample verses: "Mary wore three links of chain (x3), Ev'ry link bearing Jesus's name." "I don't know but I've been told (x3) Streets of heaven are paved with gold."


This is probably a religious adaption of "Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane." Since, however, it seems to circulate widely on its own, it gets its own listing.

I sure hope I remember that I split them.... - RBW

Cross references


  • George Herod, "Sister Mary Wore Three Lengths (Links) of Chain" (on MuSouth07)
  • Bradley Kincaid, "Mary Wore Three Links of Chain" (Supertone 9666, 1930)
  • Dock Reed, "I'm Going Home on the Morning Train" (on NFMAla5)


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Alternate titles: “cf. "All Night Long" (floating verses)”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1927 (Sandburg)
Found in: US(SE)