“Marian Parker (I)”


Pretty schoolgirl Marian Parker and her family are preparing for Christmas when the girl is kidnapped from school. "Young Hickman" is arrested and tried after the body is found


Laws lists a total of four Marian Parker ballads (the others are dF56, dF57, and dE49, "Edward Hickman"). This one, popularized by Vernon Dalhart, begins "Away out in California lived a family bright and gay. They were planning for their Christmas not very far away...."

The 1928 printing, credited to Bill Barrett (though I wonder if Carson Robison may not have been involved), titles the song "Little Marian Parker." - RBW

Historical references

  • Dec 14, 1927 - Kidnapping and murder of twelve (eleven?)-year-old Marian Parker
  • Dec 17, 1927 - Discovery by her father of the girl's mutilated body
  • Oct 19, 1928 - Execution of William Edward Hickman for the murder

Cross references


  • Al Craver [pseud. for Vernon Dalhart] & Charlie Wells [pseud. for Carson Robison], "Little Marian Parker" (Columbia 15218-D. c. 1928)


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Author: Bill Barrett?
Earliest date: 1928 (recording, Al Craver [Vernon Dalhart]; also copyrighted in that year, but the Dalhart recording was probably made in 1927; collected by Brown as early as 1930)
Found in: US(MW,SE,So)