“Margot Evans (Let the Bullgine Run)”


"Oh the smartest clipper you can find, Oh hey, oh ho, are you 'most done? Is the (Margot Evans) of the (Blue Cross) line, So clear the track, let the bullgine run!" The singer describes the fast passage of the ship, and hopes Liza Lee will marry him


Hugill, following Sharp, claims this is sung to the tune similar to "Shule Agrah" (Lomax says they're the same), though it's not any variant I've ever heard.

Colcord thinks that explains the strange combination of bullgine engine (railroad engine) and low-backed car: Someone from the _Margot Evans_ (the ship in her version, though Hugill has a _Wild Cat_ or similar) heard Irish sailors singers sing it, and adapted it.

The _Margot Evans_, according to Colcord, was a packet running apparently from Mobile to New York.

Personally, I think the whole song needs a lot more historical study. - RBW


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Alternate titles: “Eliza Lee”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1921 (Terry)
Found in: US