“Maple on the Hill”


The singer recalls the maple on the hill "Where I sat with my Geneva long ago." Now, as he is dying, he bids her, "Don't forget me, little darling, when they lay me down to die"; he must "leave you and that maple on the hill."


The Dixon Brothers had an "Answer to Maple on the Hill" and at least two additional "parts" to the song. Mainer's Mountaineers also had a "Part 3." What did the guy do, come back as a ghost?

This song has rarely if ever been collected in tradition, but its popularity with old-time singers (see the recording list and the "Same Tune" knock-offs) eventually made me decide to include it here. - RBW

[Ten] recordings by old-time singers between 1927 and 1936 -- yes, it absolutely belongs in. I call that "being collected from tradition," albeit in a roundabout way. - PJS

Same tune

  • Crowder Brothers, "New Maple on the Hill" (Conqueror 8782, 1937) (Oriole 07-02-63, 1937)
  • Dixie Reelers, "Answer to Maple on the Hill - Part 2"
  • Dixon Brothers, "Answer to Maple on the Hill - Part 1" (Bluebird B-6462, 1936)
  • Dixon Brothers, "Maple on the Hill - Part 3" (Bluebird B-6630, 1936)
  • Dixon Brothers, "Maple on the Hill - Part 4" (Montgomery Ward M-7170, 1937)
  • Wade Mainer, "Maple on the Hill - Part 2" (Bluebird B-6293, 1936)
  • Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris, "Maple on the Hill, Part 2" (Bluebird B-6293, 1936)
  • J. E. Mainer's Mountaineers "Maple on the Hill - Part 3" (Bluebird B-6293, 1936)
  • Prairie Ramblers, "Maple on the Hill - Part 2" (Perfect 6-09-60, 1936)
  • Prairie Ramblers, "Maple on the Hill No. 4" (Melotone 7-09-51, 1937)
  • Don Weston, "Maple on the Hill Is Gone" (Decca 5421, 1937)

Cross references

  • cf. "Don't Forget Me, Little Darling (I)" (floating lyrics)


  • Callahan Brothers, "Maple on the Hill" (Melotone 6-06-57, 1936)
  • Vernon Dalhart, "We Sat Beneath the Maple on the Hill" (Vocalion 5044, 1926)
  • (Tom) Darby & (Jimmie) Tarlton, "Maple on the Hill" (Columbia 15591-D, 1930)
  • Farmer Sisters, "Maple on the Hill" (Vocalion 03104, 1935)
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  • Holland Puckett, "The Maple On The Hill" (Gennett 6532/Supertone 9186, 1928)
  • Posey Rorrer & The North Carolina Ramblers, "As We Sat Beneath The Maple On The Hill" (Edison 20005/Ed 52414/CYL: Edison 5615 [as by Posey Rorer's North Carolina Ramblers], 1929; rec. 1928)
  • Frank Welling & John McGhee, "The Maple On The Hill" (Perfect 5-12-59, 1935; Conqueror 8638, 1936)


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Author: Gussie L. Davis
Earliest date: 1926 (Recording, Vernon Dalhart); said to have been written 1880)
Keywords: death separation