Pat claims Mick Malone borrowed half-a-crown and "never brough it back." He won't lend him more because Malone "well knows how to borrow But he don't know how to pay." If Pat catches Malone he'll "stop his dirty tricks ... I'll give him cause to moan"


The repeated lines here are "A half-a-crown is a half-a-crown, Of course it's two and six." - BS

Every time I read this, I'm reminded of the Blind Blake song "Jones." The feel of the lyrics is much alike, but the item stolen is different (money versus girlfriend), and of course they're very different in style. I guess it just shows how certain emotions exist across cultures. - RBW


  • Mikeen McCarthy, "Malone" (on IRTravellers01)


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Alternate titles: “The Half Crown”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1985 (IRTravellers01)
Found in: Ireland