“Make We Merry Both More and Less”


"Make we mery bothe more and lasse, For now is the time ofd Christimas." All who come to the feast are enjoined to bring some entertainment: A song, a sport, etc. "If he say he can nought do... But to the stokkes then let him go."


Very possibly not traditional, but widely quoted -- and many of the pieces in the Hill manuscript *are* traditional, so I included it. - RBW


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  2. Stevick-100MEL 98, "(Make We Myrie Bothe More and Lasse)" (1 text)
  3. ADDITIONAL: Brown/Robbins, _Index of Middle English Verse_, #1866
  4. BI, OBC172


Author: unknown (contemporary tune by Martin Shaw)
Earliest date: c. 1504 (Hill MS., Balliol Coll. Oxf. 354)
Found in: Britain(England)