“Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor”


Possibly about life in the south (Atlanta?) and the singer's desire to return or a meeting between the singer's lover and girl. Chorus: "Make me a pallet on your floor (x2), Make it soft, make it low, so my good gal won't know Make me..."

Cross references


  • Mississippi John Hurt, "Ain't No Tellin'" (OKeh 8759, 1930; rec. 1928; on MJHurt01, MJHurt02); "Pallet on the Floor" (on FOTM)
  • Merline Johnson (the Yas Yas Girl) "Pallet on the Floor" (Bluebird B-7166, 1937)
  • Grandpa Jones, "Fix Me a Pallet" (King 1069, 1952)
  • Virginia Liston, "Make Me a Pallet" (OKeh 8247, 1925)
  • Stripling Brothers, "Pallet on the Floor" (Decca 5367, 1936)
  • Ethel Waters, "Make Me a Pallet on the Floor" (Columbia 14125-D, 1926)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1923 (version copyrighted by W. C. Handy)
Found in: US