“Love Has Brought Me to Despair”


The singer hears a girl telling of the grief her false love has left her. She seeks a flower in the meadow to ease her mind; none meet her needs. She makes a bed of flowers, asks for a marble stone on her grave and a turtle dove at her breast, and dies


This song has close ties with "Tavern in the Town," often sharing stanzas and, of course, a similarity of plot. Roud, in fact, lumps them (which seems a bit excessive to me). This may help explain why Laws failed to note either the Combs or the Cox version. - RBW

Cross references


  • Berzilla Wallin, "Love Has Brought Me To Despair" (on OldLove)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1916 (Cox)
Found in: US(Ap,MW) Britain(England(North,South))