Daughter comes to mother, asking to be married. Mother, after pointing out she's young, asks who she will marry. Daughter says, "Handsome Dan" -- or any of forty more if he's not available. (The daughter marries, and mother looks for a husband herself)


This song is named for its chorus, "Lolly-too-dum, lolly-too-dum-day." Thematically, it is identical to "I Must And Will Get Married (The Fit)," but the stanza form is different enough that I have separated them. (Roud, of course, lumps them.) - RBW

Cross references


  • Horton Barker, "Rolly Trudum" (on Barker01)
  • May Kennedy McCord, "Rolly Trudum" (AFS; on LC12)
  • Pete Seeger, "Lolly Too Dum" (on PeteSeeger32)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1910 (Belden)
Found in: US(Ap,So)