“Loch na Garr (Lachin Y Gair)”


The singer is in England, a land of "a million luxuries," but longs for Caledonia. He remebers his childhood, his plaid and "traditional story ... on cheiftains long perished" As "one who has rambled o'er countries afar" he prefers "dark Lough Na Garr"


Most of the broadsides and Tunney-SongsThunder are incomplete. For a complete version see NLScotland L.C.178.A.2(318). The commentary for that broadside notes that "Lochnagar [is] the mountain that gives this poem its title...." [about 40 miles west of Aberdeen]. - BS


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Author: George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) (source: broadside, NLScotland L.C.178.A.2(318))
Earliest date: 1807 (Byron, _Hours of Idleness_, according to Connie Beck's Lord Byron site)
Found in: Ireland