“Little Pink”


"My pretty little Pink, I once did think, That you and I would marry." The singer complains that the girl has taken too long to make up her mind. In some versions he is a soldier who sets out to see the sights and fight in the Mexican War

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Little Pink
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          *** A ***

My Pretty Pink

From W. W. Newell, Games and Songs of American Children, item
#175, p. 245. From east Tennessee.

My pretty little pink, I once did think
  That you and I would marry,
But now I've lost all hope of that,
  I can no longer tarry.

I've got my knapsack on my back,
  My musket on my shoulder,
To march away to Quebec town,
  To be a gallant soldier.

Where coffee grows on a white-oak-tree,
  And the rivers flow with brandy,
Where the boys are like a lump of gold,
  And the girls as sweet as candy.

          *** B ***

My Pretty Little Pink

From Carl Sandburg, The American Songbag, p. 166. "The first verse
and melody are from Lillian K. Rickaby of Riverside, California, as
she heard then when a girl in Galesburg, Illinous; the other two
verses are from Neeta Marquis of Los Angeles as learned by her
mother in Kentucky in the late 1840's."

1 My pretty little Pink, I once did think
  That you and I would marry,
  But now I've lost all hopes of you,
  And I have no time to tarry.

2 I'll take my knapsack on my back,
  My rifle on my shoulder,
  And I'll march away to the Rio Grande,
  To view the forest over.

3 Where coffee grows on white oak trees,
  And the river flows with brandy,
  Where girls are sweet as sweet can be
  And the boys like sugar candy.

Cross references

  • cf. "We're Marching Down to Old Quebec" (floating verses)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1914 (Brown)
Found in: US(Ap,MW,SE,So)