“Li'l Liza Jane”


"I've got a gal who loves me so, L'il Liza Jane, Way down south in Baltimore... Oh, Eliza, L'il Liza Jane." The singer loves Liza at first sight, and so "Now I've got me a mother-in-law," plus a house and children in Baltimore, and a home which he loves


Hard to believe that this isn't a variant of one of the other Liza Jane songs. But there is no evidence that it is. - RBW

It's a composed song, published in 1906, from the show "Come Out of the Kitchen." - PJS

Which probably holds some sort of record for obscurity. I can't even determine if "Countess" is part of de Lachau's name (which I suspect of being a pseudonym), or if she really was a slumming member of some obscure branch of the nobility.My library contains no references to her, and an internet search turned up nothing of use except copies of the sheet music to this song. - RBW


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Author: Countess Ada de Lachau
Earliest date: 1906 (sheet music)
Found in: US(SE)