“Leslie Allen”


Leslie Allen comes to Black Brook from Moncton. He wanders from town one day and a search team of "three hundred men and two bloodhounds" follow his tracks "but the search was unavailing" He is never found.

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Leslie Allen
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          *** A ***

From Louise Manny and James Reginald Wilson, Songs of Miramichi,
#29, p. 129. From the singing of George E. Duplessis of Bel
River Bridge, around 1950.

A young man came from Moncton town
  When the autumn leaves were falling.
He came to win a hunter's crown
  When the autumn leaves were calling.

Beside the banks of bleak Black Brook
  Of evil reputation,
His party found a sheltered nook
  For rest and recreation.

(3 additional stanzas)


Black Brook is a tributary of the Main Southwest Miramichi River in New Brunswick.

Manny/Wilson: A true story of Leslie Allen, a lost hunter. - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "Barbara Allen" (tune)


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Author: Michael Whelan "the poet of the Renous" (Manny/Wilson)
Earliest date: 1950 (Manny/Wilson)
Keywords: manhunt
Found in: Canada(Mar)