“Last of the Wooden Walls”


"Here Atlantic's foam-wreaths float In aqua-floral tribute to a ship submerged." The unnamed ship's activities are recalled, the men aboard mentioned; we are told of the tears shed when her journeys ended


Yes, this is as, um, aqua-floral as it looks. Really, it doesn't belong in the Index. But I've done everything else in Ryan/Small; leaving out one of many irrelevant poems because it's irrelevant is rather pointless.

This should not be confused with the various other poems about the decline of sailing ships, several of which share similar titles. - RBW


  1. Ryan/Small, pp. 142-143, "Last of the Wooden Walls" (1 text)
  2. BI, RySm172


Author: Harry R. Burton
Earliest date: 1952 (Harrington, Poems of Newfoundland)
Keywords: ship nonballad hunting