“Last Winter Was a Hard One”


Two Irish women lament the hard times. Neither woman's husband could find a job, and both families suffered. They curse the Italians who have arrived to take Irish jobs. They look forward to better times when their husbands find work


The sheet music to this is "respectfully dedicated to comptroller John Kelly." John Kelly (1822-1886) was a New York politician. A one-time representative, the _Dictionary of American Biography_ credits him with running Tammany Hall 1873-1882. Thus he would be the chief politician responsible for municipal employment.

See one version of "When McGuinness Gets a Job" [Sheet Music: digital id sm1880 11975], published in New York in 1880, at the Library of Congress American Memory site. - BS

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Author: Words: Jim O'Neil / Music: Jack Conroy
Earliest date: 1880 (sheet music)
Found in: US(MA,MW) Canada(Mar)