“Kintey Coy at Samsonville”


Tales of Old Abey Kelder's bar. The clientele is reported to have "kintey coyed and raised the devil; I bet they thought their heads was level." The behavior of various bar patrons is briefly described

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Kintey Coy at Samsonville
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          *** A ***

From Norman Cazden, Herbert Haufrecht, Norman Studer, Folk Songs
of the Catskills, #162, pp. 595-596. From the recitation of Jerry
Van Kleeck.

Old Abbey Kelder kept a beer saloon;
The boys went there by the light of the moon;
They kintey coyed and raised the devil,
I bet they thought their heads was level.

  With a jig-ji ottem and a foddy toddy eh,
  With a jig-ji ottem and a jig-di eh.

(3 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1982
Keywords: drink moniker
Found in: US(MA)