“Kerry Dance”


"Oh! the days of the Kerry dancing, oh! the ring of the piper's tune." The singer recalls the days of his youth, the summer night dances in the glen, old friends and Peggy, left behind. If he returns and "she has not resigned me" he'll stay with Peggy.


Copyright date 1879 (source: Santa Cruz Public Libraries site sheet music collection); source for Molloy's birth date and date of death: Public Domain Music site [same dates found in Hoagland - RBW]). - BS

According to [no author listed], _The Library of Irish Music_, Amsco, 1998, the music for this is "based on 'The Cuckoo' by Margaret Casson." - RBW

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Author: Words: James Lyman Molloy (1837-1909)
Earliest date: 1879 (copyright); printed 1880 (broadside, LOCSheet sm1880 07527)