“Jolly Old Roger”


"Oh there never was yet a boy or man Who better could mend a kettle or pan, A bucket, a dipper, a skillet or can, Than jolly old Roger the tinker man." Roger lives in New Amsterdam; the song describes the funny old man

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Jolly Old Roger
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Johnnie O'Rogers

From Paul G. Brewster, Ballads and Songs of Indiana, p. 318.
Collected in 1935 from Mrs. Morris Stallings of New Harmony, Indiana.

'T was Johnnie O'Rogers, the tin-maker man,
Who lived in a garret in New Amsterdam,
And showered down blessings like rain in the spring;
All maids and maidens of him they will sing.


There never was yet a boy or man
Who better could mend a kettle or pan
Than Johnnie O'Rogers, the tin-maker man:
Che whang! che whang! te rattle, te rattle te bang!

(2 additional stanzas)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1931 (Flanders and Brown)
Keywords: tinker work
Found in: US(MW,NE,So)