“Johnny Todd”


Johnny Todd ships out, leaving his sweetheart in Liverpool. She meets another sailor, who offers to marry her. She accepts; Todd returns to find his love married. The moral: "Do not leave your love like Johnny/Marry her before you go"


I include the cross-reference because the verses in which the rival sailor courts the lady seem to be lifted from a broken-token song such as "John Riley (I)". - PJS

Interestingly, the Montgomerie text also has this bit, so it appears to be genuinely traditional.

The group Ossian has recorded a version of this in which Johnny Todd returns to his girl. They admit, however, to having rewritten the ending. To my mind, it doesn't add much.... - RBW

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1950s (recording, Bob Roberts)
Found in: US(NE) Ireland