“John of Hazelgreen”


A lady is weeping for John of Hazelgreen, whom she is not permitted to marry. She is offered marriage to another; this is little to her liking. By some means or other she meets Hazelgreen, and they are married


Rewritten by Sir Walter Scott as "Jock o Hazeldean" -- a poem which has become perhaps more popular than the original ballad, and which is included in many poetic works (e.g. it is item CCXXVII in Palgrave's _Golden Treasury_).

Scholars since Child have debated the extent to which the Scott text (said to take only a single stanza from the traditional song) is influenced or has influenced tradition. One thing appears certain: The Scott text and some of the traditional versions are related (e.g. Davis's "J" is about 85% identical to the corresponding stanzas of Scott's text). Either the Scott text used more than the single stanza claimed, or his text has influenced tradition. - RBW

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Alternate titles: “Jock o Hazeldean”; “John over the Hazel Green”; “Jock o Hazledean”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1827 (Kinloch)
Found in: Britain(England,Scotland(Aber)) US(MW,NE,SE,So) Canada(Mar,Newf)