“John Bull Lives In England”


Shanty. "John Bull lives in England, Taffy lives in Wales. Sandy lives in Scotland where there is all the girls. Paddy lives in Ireland as ev'rebody knows. There never was a coward where the little shamrock grows."


The Swedish shanty book _Sang under Segel_ had the only previous printed version of this, but Hugill seems to think that it originated in England and migrated to Sweden. - SL

I think this is true at least of the words (though I don't know if they migrated to Sweden). Steve Roud collected a version of the text, and there are rather similar nursery rhymes floating about. - RBW

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1935 (Sternvall, _Sang under Segel_)
Keywords: shanty worksong home
Found in: Sweden Britain