“Jim Jones at Botany Bay”


The singer, Jim Jones, is taken, tried, and sentenced to transportation. En route, his ship is attacked by pirates, but the crew holds them off. Arriving in Australia, Jones vows to escape, join the bushrangers, and get revenge

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Jim Jones at Botany Bay
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          *** A ***

From Geoffrey Grigson, The Penguin Book of Ballads, #96, pp. 302-303.
From MacAlister, Pioneering Days in the Old Sunny South.

O listen for a moment, lads,
  And hear me tell my tale,
How o'er the sea from England's shore
  I was compelled to sail.

The jury says, He's guilty, sir,
  And says the judge, says he,
For life, Jim Jones, I'm sending you
  Across the stormy sea.

(9 additional stanzas)

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1907 (Old Pioneering Days in the Sunny South)
Found in: Australia