“Jesse James (IV)”


"You've heard of heroes brave in all their glory...." These heroes are contrasted with James, who "joined the bad guerrillas," robbed banks, "invented robbing trains," avoided the Pinkertons -- and finally was shot by Robert Ford


For full background on Frank and Jesse James, see the notes to "Jesse James (III)," the James song which has perhaps the strongest factual basis. - RBW

Historical references

  • Apr 4, 1882 - Shooting of Jesse James (then in semi-retirement under the name of Howard) by Robert Ford, a relative and a former member of his gang tempted by the $10,000 reward

Cross references


  1. Fife-Cowboy/West 93, "Jesse James" (5 texts, 2 tunes; this is the "E" text)
  2. Roud #11225
  3. BI, FCW093E


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1966
Found in: US