“Jemmy O'Brien's Minuet”


"De night before Jemmy was stretch'd" "de corps of informers and spies" commiserates with him and wonder that the Major can't save such a loyalist. The hangman finds him imagining the ghosts of his victims and their wives and orphans. He is hanged.


Moylan has his text from Dublin _Paddy's Resource_: a spoken narrative interspersed with verses sung to "De night before Larry was stretched" and "Welcome, welcome brother debtor." The complete heading is "Jemmy O'Brien's Minuet as performed At de Sheriff's Ridotto, No. 1, Green street."

For more on the relationship between Jemmy O'Brien and Town Major Sirr see the notes to "The Major." Jemmy O'Brien appears as an informer in "The Croppy Boy" [Laws J14] and as an incidental character in "Hevey's Mare." - BS

Cross references

  • cf. "Jemmy O'Brien" (subject)
  • cf. "The Major" (characters)
  • cf. "The Night before Larry was Stretched" (tune)


  1. Moylan 166, "Jemmy O'Brien's Minuet" (1 text, 1 tune)
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1803 (_Paddy's Resource or the Harp of Erin_(Dublin), according to Moylan)