“Ireland's Liberty Tree”


A tree has been planted in Ireland ... 'Tis called 'Ireland's Liberty-Tree!'" Protect the tree. Emmet, Fitzgerald and Grattan died in its defence. Sheil and O'Connell forsee freedom. "Heaven will surely protect those Who guard Ireland's Liberty-Tree!"


Robert Emmet (1780-1803) "Irish nationalist rebel leader. He led an abortive rebellion against British rule in 1803 and was captured and executed." (source: "Robert Emmet" at the Wikipedia site)

Lord Edward Fitzgerald (1763-1798) Irish revolutionary. "As a member of the United Irishmen, he helped organize the Irish Rebellion of 1798 against British rule in Ireland." He was arrested and died of his wounds in Newgate prison. (source: "Lord Edward Fitzgerald" at the Wikipedia site)

Henry Grattan (1746-1820) Lead the campaign leading, in 1782, to an Irish parliament in Dublin. He advocated Catholic emancipation in 1793. He opposed Union, which ended the Irish Parliament in 1801. In the English House of Commons he continued supporting Catholic emancipation. (source: "Henry Gratton: 1746-1820" in _The Age of George III_ at the Web of English History site)

Richard Lalor Sheil (1791-1851) Was instrumental in the 1828 election of the "Liberator," Daniel O'Connell, over Vesey Fitzgerald. He himself served in Parliament for eighteen years. (source: "Richard Lalor Sheil" by M.J. Flaherty in _The Catholic Encyclopedia_ at the New Advent site.)

Daniel O'Connell (1775-1847) tried to convince the British to reform administration of Ireland and was the leading figure on behalf of Catholic Emancipation. - BS

For Emmet, see also "Bold Robert Emmet." Fitzgerald is the subject of "Edward (III) (Edward Fitzgerald)." Grattan role is covered in the notes to "Ireland's Glory." And Daniel O'Connell is the subject of a vast array of songs; see the notes and references under "Daniel O'Connell (I)." - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: second half 19C? (Zimmermann)