“I Wonder Wha'll Be My Man?”


"A' kinds o' lads an' men I see, The youngest an' the auldest... I wonder wha'll be my man." The singer wonders about his work, where he is, how she will recognize him. She fears there might be none, and accuses him of keeping her waiting


  1. Ford-Vagabond, pp. 262-263, "I Wonder Wha'll Be My Man" (1 text, 1 tune); pp. 264-265, "I Wonder Wha'll Be My Wife" (1 text, clearly a male adaption of the preceding; Roud #13096)
  2. Roud #5571
  3. BI, FVS262


Author: Edward Polin ?
Earliest date: 1904 (Ford)
Found in: Britain(Scotland)