“I Wish My Love”


Singer wishes his love were various objects: a cherry, a beeskep, an ewe, etc., so that he might make love to her. After some lovely metaphors, in the last verse he wishes she was a warm turd, and he was a "shitten flea," that he might light upon her


Lloyd notes, "Rather to my own surprise I find myself too prudish to sing [the last verse], though I'm impressed by its intensity," but he reprints it in his book "Folk Song in England." - PJS


  • A. L. Lloyd, "I Wish My Love" (on Lloyd2) = "I Wish, I Wish" (on Lloyd 3) [same recording, changed title]


  1. Roud #8738
  2. BI, RcIWML


Alternate titles: “A Pitman's Love Song”
Author: unknown
Found in: Britain(England(North))