“I Love My Sailor Boy”


The singer overhears a girl declare, "Let my friends say what they will, I love my sailor boy." She praises his appearance and virtues. Her mother calls her foolish and bids her wed a "steady farmer's son." The girl disdains such a lover

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I Love My Sailor Boy
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          *** A ***

From Franz Rickaby, Ballads and Songs of the Shanty-Boy
(1926), p. 203. Apparently from M. C. Dean's The Flying Cloud.

Abroad as I rambled one morning in May,
So carelessly I rambled down Liverpool's streets so gay.
I overheard a fair maid, and this was all her cry,
"And ley my friends say what they will, I love my sailor boy."

(4 additional stanzas)


This song is one of those items where every line has parallels elsewhere (especially in "Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy," but the parallels are truly to numerous to list). I'm not really sure it exists on its own. But when in doubt, we split. - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1922 (Dean)
Found in: US(MW)