“I Have a Father Gone to Glory (I Am Alone in this World)”


"I have a father gone to glory, I am alone in this world. I have a father gone to glory, I am alone.... Take me home, bless the Savior, take me home." Repeat with mother, sister, etc. with a conclusion that there is room in heaven for all.


Roud lumps this with "Where Is Old Elijah? (The Hebrew Children, The Promised Land)," which seems a bit strong, and also with "The Other Bright Shore" and other material. The link to "The Other Bright Shore" is obvious, but there are no shores of any sort in Henry's version, so I think they have to be separated. - RBW

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1934 (Henry, from Granville Gadsey)
Found in: US(Ap)