“I Don't Love Nobody”


"I love a nobody, nobody loves me, Ain't gonna get married, Live single and free, They're after my money, ain't after me, I love a nobody, nobody love me."


Paul Stamler points out that this was a "popular string ragtime song in the 1920s," but I don't know whether that is the immediate source of Randolph's version, which was collected around that time.

Cohen speculates that this is derived from Lew Sully's 1899 song "I Don't Love Nobody," while admitting that that in turn may have been a reworking of something else. - RBW

And the date on the George Gaskin recording suggests it may have been. The chorus is often all that remains of the original, which was a "coon song." - PJS


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Alternate titles: “I Don't Want to Get Married”; “Duplin County Blues”; “I Ain't Got Nobody”
Author: original version by Lew Sully
Earliest date: c. 1896 (sheet music published)
Keywords: love money
Found in: US(SE,So)