“I Am a Brisk Young Sprightly Lad”


"I am a brisk and sprightly lad, But just come home from sea, sire... A sailor's life for me, sir." "Yeo, yeo, yeo, Whilst the bosun pipes all hands With a yeo, yeo, yeo!" The sailor loves foreign ports, and promises to fight for the nation when attacked


This is another of those sea-poems Shay seems to have dug up somewhere; I have not found it elsewhere.

The boast about each man "hasten[ing] to his guns" would surely have sounded very strange to the sailors who fought in the Napoleonic wars -- it is estimated that half of the men in Nelson's fleet were impressed, and more were quota men. - RBW.


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1948 (Shay)
Keywords: sailor battle money