“I've Rode the Southern and the L & N”


Blues; singer says he's ridden the Southern & L&N railroads, has been treated badly, is a rambling man, and has found his "two blue eyes" at last. He has had to offer her his watch, his chain, and all he had before she would agree to marry him


The "L & N" was the Louisville & Nashville Railroad.

This barely qualifies as a ballad, but the narrative thread, though thin, is present, and while some of the floating verses come from Jimmie Rodgers via Homer Callahan, they've floated through enough places to become part of tradition. - PJS


  • Homer Callahan, "I've Rode the Southern and the L & N" (Conqueror 8557, 1935; Romeo 351011 (1935), also issued on Banner, Melotone, Oriole and Perfect; some issued under the name Callahan Bros.)
  • Merle Lovell, "I Rode Southern, I Rode L & N" (AFS 4111 A1, 1940; on LC61)


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Author: Possibly Homer Callahan, but since it's mostly floating verses...
Earliest date: early 1930s (recording, Homer Callahan)