“I'm Dying for Someone to Love Me”


The girl reports "I am dying for someone to love me." Flirting and friendship are not enough; she wants the real thing. None of the local young men are up to the task. Mother calls her crazy, but the girl recalls that she was once much the same


Quite a few of the lyrics to this remind me of "Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight" -- enough so that I suspect this may be a parody. But the thrust of the song is different.

The version in the "Wonderful Eight Book" is credited to W. F. Shaw, but Cohen notes that a song with this same title (not necessarily the same song) was copyrighted 1877.

Randolph's informant, Booth Cambell, thought he learned it around 1880. - RBW

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1887 (The Wonderful Eight Book of Poetry and Song)
Keywords: love loneliness family
Found in: US(So)