“Hunting Seals”


"With knife and fork, with kettle and pan, With spoon and mug, and glasses.... For we are swoilers fearless, bold, As we copy from pan to pan, sir." The singer describes hunting seals, facing polar bears, and enticing girls with furs


The original manuscript of this lists the tune as "The Rigs O Barley" -- i.e. presumably Burns's "Corn Rigs and Barley Rigs." The verse fits the first four lines of that tune, and the chorus of this fits the last four lines of the verse, but the chorus of "Corn Rigs" has to be omitted. - RBW


  1. Ryan/Small, p. 133, "Hunting Seals" (1 text, tune referenced)
  2. BI, RySm133


Author: probably James Murphy
Earliest date: 1978 (Ryan/Small)
Keywords: hunting courting animal