“Highbridge (Through Every Age, Eternal God)”


Shape note hymn: "Through every age, eternal God, thou art our rest, our safe abode; High was thy throne ere heav'n was made Or earth thy humble footstool laid." "Death, like an overflowing stream, Sweeps us away; Our life's a dream, an empty tale..."


This is set to the tune "Highbridge" in the Missouri Harmony but to "Stratfield" in the Sacred Harp. There is a second Sacred Harp version, opening with the "Death, like an overflowing stream" stanza, which has the most evocative tune-name "Exit."

The "Death like an overflowing stream" stanza is in the Missoury Harmony with the tune Amanda. - RBW


  • Singers from Stewart's Chapel, Houston, MS, "Stratfield" (on Fasola1)


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Author: Words: Isaac Watts
Earliest date: 1707
Found in: US