“Hieland Laddie”


Used by sailors as they stowed cotton or lumber. "Were you ever in Quebec? Bonnie Laddie, Hieland Laddie, Stowing timber on the deck, Bonnie Hieland Laddie"


Some versions of this song have verses or chorus about "Donkey riding, donkey riding, Riding on a donkey." This is legitimate shipboard technology, referring to a donkey engine (which might indeed need someone "riding" it to keep it running), but also caused the song to be tempting to children.

Since, however, there is no possible way to separate sea versions from kids' versions, I keep them as one song.

Riding the donkey might also be known as "donkeying around." Modern folkies may recognize this from Larry Kaplan's song "Old Zeb." - RBW

Same tune

  • Mussel Mou'd Charlie (Kinloch, pp. xi-xiii)

Cross references


  • Pete Seeger, "Hieland Laddie" (on PeteSeeger26)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1857
Keywords: nonballad shanty work
Found in: US(MA,SE) Britain(Scotland) Canada(Que)