“Hevey's Mare”


"The Major," Jemmy at his side, takes Hevey's mare so that he need not chase traitors on foot. Sirr's need was sufficient to name Hevey criminal. But Hevey complains in court. "Adieu to all our seizures ... Loyalty now has few pleasures"


Moylan makes "The Major" in this song Major Sandys. Maybe so. In other songs about Jemmy O'Brien (see the notes to "The Major") "The Major" is Town Major Sirr [for whom see, e.g., "The Major" - RBW]. Here is Moylan quoting P.J. McCall: "In turning their prisoners to pecuniary account Sirr and Sandys played into each one another's hands. The Major made the arrests, turned over the prisoners to Sandys and O'Brien (Jemmy the Informer), and the latter duly worked upon their hopes and fears ... [to obtain either] goods or money..... Heavey's liberation cost him a mare..." This, from "Who Killed Cock Robin?" (II):

Who stole the brewer's mare?

His worship turning round,

This soft impeachment owned,

He stole the brewer's mare! - BS

Madden's pen-name of "Ierne" is one of the sundry ancient names for Ireland. - RBW


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Author: "Ierne" (R.R. Madden) (source: Moylan)
Earliest date: 1887 (Madden's _Literary Remains of the United Irishmen of 1798_, according to Moylan)