“Here's a Chorus”


"Here's a chorus; -- Irish slaves -- End your quarrels." Remember Emmet and Tone. "Union makes the nations great, End your quarrels." Remember the graves of 1798. "Steel is true and God is just, Chains or laurels"


This song is a plea for the position of the United Irishmen. For information about the early history of the United Irishmen see "The Boys of Wexford." Wolfe Tone, a founder of the United Irishmen, was executed in 1798. United Irishman Robert Emmet was executed in 1803. The Irish rebellion against British rule was started, and put down, in 1798. - BS

For the history of Wolfe Tone, see in particular "The Shan Van Voght." For Robert Emmet, see "Bold Robert Emmet" and the many cross-references there. - RBW


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Author: R.D. Williams (source: Moylan)
Earliest date: 2000 (Moylan)