“Henry Joy McCracken (II)”


McCracken is betrayed for 50 pounds by Niblock. Why is there no song from 1798 to mark his hanging on High Street, Belfast? He is buried in Clifton Street cemetery with his sister Mary.


For background on Henry Joy McCracken, one of the most admirable but perhaps not the most competent of the 1798 rebels, see the notes to "Henry Joy McCracken (I)." According to Terry Golway, _For the Cause of Liberty_, pp. 85, 87-88, is sister Mary Ann (1770?-1866) had tried to smuggle him out of the country before his death, but he was captured before arrangements were completed.

She kept on having ideas. She tried to come with him to the gallows. (Interestingly, he apparently gaveno last speech.) After his hanging, she tried to have a doctor revive him., naturally without success. She then helped care for his illegitimate(?) daughter Maria. Mary Ann McCracken never married, and died in Maria's house. - RBW

Historical references

  • July 17, 1798 - Henry Joy McCracken hanged in Belfast. (source: Moylan)

Cross references


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Author: Mrs Eileen Keaney (source: Moylan)
Earliest date: 1965 (written 1964, published _Ceol_ vol. 2, no. 1, according to Moylan)