“He's Got the Money Too”


The singer describes being engaged to someone who is a fine person -- and rich, too: "Oh don't I love my honey, And won't I spend his money? I'm as happy as a flower that sips the morning dew, For I've got a little (feller) and he's got the money too!"


LOCSheet, sm1875 03568 lists this as by C. T. Lockwood, but it's not clear if he wrote the whole thing, or the tune, or just the arrangement.

Randolph reports his (single-stanza) text as a fragment of a piece called "I Went Down to New Orleans." The recordings I've heard (Macon's and other folk revival versions) don't seem connected -- but that may be a case of Uncle Dave free-associating about the song. - RBW


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  • Uncle Dave Macon, "She's Got the Money Too" (OKeh 45552 [w. Sam McGee], 1931; rec. 1930) (Bluebird 7549, 1938)


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Alternate titles: “She's Got the Money Too”; “I Went Down to New Orleans”
Author: C. T. Lockwood?
Earliest date: 1875 (sheet music, LOCSheet, sm1875 03568)
Keywords: courting marriage money
Found in: US(So)