“Harbour Le Cou”


"As I rowed ashore from my schooner close by, A girl on the beach I chanced to espy" who lives in Harbour Le Cou. The sailor courts and wins girl until they meet his "old comrade" who sends "regards to your missus and wee kiddies two"

Long description

A sailor takes up with a girl in Harbour Le Cou, but has his amorous plans thwarted by a ship-mate who inquires (within hearing of the girl) about the health of the sailor's wife and children. The girl tears into the sailor and he flees, warning others to beware not only of pretty girls but also of old comrades.


Harbour Le Cou is a fishing village on the southwest coast of Newfoundland near Port aus Basques. - SL

Cross references

  • cf. "One Morning in May (To Hear the Nightingale Sing) [Laws P14]" (theme)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1951 (Fowke/MacMillan)
Found in: Canada(Mar,Newf)