Hannamaria used to live in singer's town; she weighed 590 pounds. After supper a bunch of fellows get drunk and fight; singer is knocked ten feet into the air, but, "I fell down 'cause Hannamaria." Singer is going home with her; he warns others not to


Very confused story line. The singer picked it up from her father, though, so it has entered tradition in a small way. I suspect minstrel origins. - PJS

And there appears to be another recording, LC 4083 A2, sung by Crockett Ward, though I haven't been able to verify that it is the same song. - RBW

Cross references


  • Poplin Family, "Hannamaria" (on Poplin01)


Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1963 (recording, Poplin Family)
Found in: US(SE)