“Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (Been All Around This World)”


Man about to be hanged laments his life. Says, "Hang me, oh hang me, and I'll be dead and gone/It's not the hangin' that I mind, it's layin' in the grave [or jail] so long." In some versions he describes his life as a gambler.


Laws regards Belden's and Randolph's versions of this as a ballad, "The Gambler," which he lists as dE43. But the text seems much more diffuse than Laws's small and highly specific subset. - RBW

Cross references


  • Justus Begley, "I've Been All Around This World" (AFS, 1937; on KMM)
  • Grandpa Jones, "I've Been All Around This World" (King 524, 1946)
  • Art Thieme, "Cape Girardeau" (on Thieme02)


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Alternate titles: “Cape Girardeau”; “I've Been All Around This World”; “The Hobo's Lament”; “The Hobo Blues”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1917 (Belden)
Found in: US(MW,So)