“Ground for the Floor (II)”


The singer has "a neat little cottage with ground for the floor" surrounded by brambles and thorns. He is happy with his dog and gun, a three-legged stool, a fire on the ground, bed of straw, and one guinea in the pocket of his only suit.


The description is from broadside Bodleian Harding B 11(3660). Roud assigns the same number to this and "Ground for the Floor" ("The sun being set"); while they are about the same general subject and share a single phrase, I don't see how they are related. - BS

Cross references


  • Bodleian, Harding B 11(3660), "Ground for the Floor" ("I lived in a wood for a number of years"), J. Evans (London), 1780-1812; also Harding B 11(3659), Harding B 16(108b), Harding B 11(1437), Harding B 11(1438), Harding B 11(1439), Firth c.19(212), Harding B 28(81), Harding B 11(321), Harding B 25(781), "Ground for the Floor"


  1. Roud #1269
  2. BI, RcGftFl2


Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1813 (broadside, Bodleian Harding B 11(3660))
Keywords: home nonballad