“Greer's Grove”


Johnny intends to spend the night with Nancy but her cronies beat him and take his money. Next day his mother and neighbors comment on his appearance. He denies being beaten. Fellows, beware of Nancy.

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Greer's Grove
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Down By Gruyer's Groves

From the recording by Robert Cinnamond (IRRCinnamond02: "Love Songs"
FOLKTRAX-158). Transcribed and with notes by John Moulden; quoted with
his permission. - BS

One night on my rambles down by Greer's Grove
When Cupid in ambush he did bend a bow
When Cupid in ambush he did bend a bow
And I'm shot through and through by the [?] 'tarnel (eternal?)
Says I my wee lassie my joy and delight
O could I get staying the half of the night
Or if I could get lodging until [ontil = Ulster pronounciation] it's daylight
I'd be off long before it is morning.
The first that she took me was to her own room
Where two of his cronies sat on the bed stock
And they buffed me about till it was near twelve o'clock
And by that time I thought it was morning
When I awoke out of my silent sleep
My lips was that dry not a word could I speak
And a glass for young Johnny I thought would be neat
In my pocket was damn the one farthing
I stood a wee while in the middle of the floor
I asked her to show me the road to the door
And with burdens of love I left her on the floor
I went round by the turnpike that morning
Now Johnny's old mother sits mourning at home,
She wonders her darling son's not coming home
O Johnny, dear Johnny, it's are you my son?
Or is it your ghost in the morning?
And the neighbours they gathered into Johnny's room
And they says poor devil he's all out of tune
Och they says poor devil he's all out of tune
We're afraid he's got side in the sparring
O mother dear mother they're altogether wrong
Down Frank Mullen's ramper [Ulster = rampart or bank] I tumbled headlong
And my hinch is [haunch is] all broken and I'm all gone wrong
And I'll scarce be alive til it's morning
Come all you young fellows that courting does go
Beware of young Nancy for she'll take you so
For she'll rise off her heel and she'll light on her toe
And she'll neb you right out in the morning. [neb= Ulster Nose]


The description is based on John Moulden's transcription from IRRCinnamond02 included in the Traditional Ballad Index Supplement. - BS


  • Robert Cinnamond, "Down By Gruyer's Groves" (on IRRCinnamond02)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1955 (IRRCinnamond02)
Found in: Ireland