“Green Grows the Laurel (Green Grow the Lilacs)”


The singer laments, "I once had a sweetheart but now I have none." (S)he wrote him a letter; the reply says to stop writing. (His/her) very looks are full of venom. (S)he wonders why men and women love each other


A legend has it that Mexicans call Americans "Gringos" because, during the Mexican War, the yanquis sang "Green Grow the Lilacs" so often. The term "gringo" is much older than this, however. - RBW

Leach does not explain why the title of this cut on NFMLeach is "The Nightengale."

"Cupid's Garden" (I) includes the following lines: "For I mean to live a virgin, And still the Laurel wear" (see, for example, Bodleian broadside Harding B 20(119)). In the language of flowers laurel stands for "perfidy"; the spurge laurel stands for "coquetry"

In Louie Fuller's Voice15 version each verse lists another seducer: the singer, a sailor and a pageboy.

Mary Delaney's version on IRTravellers01 adds verses I haven't seen before: "Now me mamma she blames me For courting too young, She may blame my small beauty And my flattering old tongue. She may blame my small beauty And my dark rolling eye, If my love is not for me And sorry am I." and "Oh then, thank God, agraghy, The case could be worse, I got money in my pocket And gold in my purse, When my baby is born I can pay for a nurse, And I'll pass as a maiden In a strange countery." - BS

Cross references


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: before 1886 (broadside, Bodleian Firth c.18(245))
Keywords: love rejection parting
Found in: US(Ap,MW,NE,Ro,SE,So) Ireland Britain(Scotland,England) Canada(Mar,Newf,Ont)