“Great Big Taters in Sandy Land”


"Big yam taters in de sandy lan', Sandy bottom, sandy lan'." "Sift your meal an' save de bran, Mighty good livin' in de sandy lan'." The singer describes farming and courting in "de sandy lan'," and describes some of the local characters


Alan Lomax says this is the same tune as "Sally Anne," and close to "Sally Goodin." Paul Stamler, who knows all three as fiddle tunes, concedes a relationship to "Sally Anne" but not "Sally Goodin." Based on the versions I've heard, I agree -- but I've only heard bluegrass versions of "Sandy Land," so that proves very little.

The final verse of the _American Ballads_ text is "Sal's Got a Meatskin..." -- but of course this may be a Lomax insertion.... - RBW


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1934
Keywords: farming nonballad
Found in: US