“Grat for Gruel”


"There was a weaver o' the north, And O but he was cruel; The very first nicht that he was wed, He sat and grat for gruel." The wife explains that gruel cannot be had; he will have it if she must cook it in the wash-pot and he must eat it with a trowel


Kennedy describes this tune as a "variant" on The Lincolnshire Poacher. There are points of similarity, but "variant" probably implies a degree of similarity not justified by the facts of the case (among other things, "Grat for Gruel" has a chorus). - RBW

No chorus in "The Lincolnshire Poacher"? What's "'Tis my delight on a shiny night/In the season of the year"? Chopped liver? - PJS

Picky, picky. "Poacher" has a single long-line chorus; "Grat for Gruel" four short lines related to the verse. - RBW


  • Jimmy McBeath, "Gruel" (on FSB3)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1951 (recording, Jimmy McBeath)
Keywords: humorous food marriage
Found in: Britain(Scotland)